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Zedi is a unisex clothing line located in Ghana. It was founded in 2011 as ZediCross and later re-branded to Zedi. The clothing line is made up of uniquely designed clothes and accessories made in Ghana with a lot of love. Some of Zedi’s products include shirts, kaftans, dresses, blouses, bags and blouses. Zedi prides itself with the price it offers for high quality products. With new collections released at least 3 times in a year it’s never a dull moment with Zedi.

Over the years the brand has been nominated for a number of awards including Ghana Fashion Awards, taken part in fashion shows and in 2017 Zedi won the global competition Small Business Video Competition organised by Google International Chamber of Commerce and World Trade Organisation.


The Zedi mens collection is made of uniquely design pieces for the trendy men of today.


This collection of womens clothing is stylish and chic with general feel of simplicity.


Accessories are almost always excellent statement pieces and this is what this collection is.


Zedi was founded by Juliet Azedi Ajaab, a graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana. Her love for fashion and business birthed this amazing establishment. Juliet worked on the business part time in the early days until she was diagnosed with Scoliosis which made keeping her 9 to 5 job very difficult. The spinal disease made her quit her corporate career to focus fully on her brain child, Zedi.

Juliet is married to Timothy Adei who happens to be be the official photographer for the brand! He gets the credit for all the amazing pictures Zedi has. They both have two sons who will most likely grow up to become an amazing creatives like their parents.

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