Our African slippers are back!

Who remembers our African print slippers? Well we have brought them back in stock! This time we are offering another unique type into the mix. The demand for them is why we brought them back. We listened to your request and tadaa, they are here. They come in a range of colours and styles as well. At Zedi we always try as much as possible to listen to our customers.

With our current love for the Northern native smock fabric we had to represent it in our slippers as well. Say hello to the fugu slippers! How cute are they?! We are testing to see how much love they get and who knows, we just might have a whole collection for them. How about we call them fuppers? Like fugu slippers? No? Ok we get it, a bit too corny eh? We will think of something else 😁

Now let’s talk about caring for your slippers. We don’t recommend wearing them in wet conditions. The drier and sunnier the terrain, the better. If they do get wet just leave them in the sun to dry out. One cool thing is that because the tops of the slippers are made of fabric you can clean them with a damp rag when they are dirty.Β 

If you love colourful and interesting looking footwear our African slippers are just for you! These handmade pieces are carefully crafted to last and be comfortable at the same time. Shop for African slippers with the link below and choose from size 38 to 41. We ship worldwide so go on and shop, shop, shop!


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