Colourful African Design Men’s Tribal Kente Socks


Kente Mens socks


Our African Kente Socks for men are a vibrant fusion of tradition and style. Crafted from premium cotton blend, these socks feature authentic Kente patterns inspired by Ghanaian heritage and popular Ankara patterns as well. Whether you’re stepping into a boardroom or hitting the dance floor, these socks add a pop of colour and culture to any outfit. Make a bold statement and embrace African heritage with every step you take.

These socks are bright and colourful. They are also an absolute conversation starter! We sell our Kente and Ankara pattern socks in both singles and a set of three. The socks come in one size but are very comfortable and stretch so are assured to fit any adult male foot.

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Red Kente, Purple Kente, Blue Bird, Set Of 3


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