Zedi Christmas collection 2020, Fisa

Christmas is such a happy time. Even if you don’t celebrate it at least you appreciate the holidays right? We are so excited to announce that our new collection will be coming out soon! It’s no , it’s been a while since we released some fresh designs so we are giving you 8 really adorable pieces of clothing! We have a few things to share about this collection called the Fisa Christmas Collection.

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The Fisa Christmas Collection

First and foremost it’s called the Fisa Christmas collection. Fisa in Buli, a language in the Upper Eastern region of Ghana means little. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean the collection is made up of 3 clothes. We called it Fisa because this year, 2020 has made us appreciate the little things in life we take for granted that truly matter. The pandemic and so many things that happened in 2020 was a big eye opener to everyone in the world.

We had take for granted things like being able to go out without lockdowns, breathing without masks, the ability to comfortably touch, hug and be close to people.

We are strong together

The Fisa Christmas collection is made up of 8 beautiful items of clothing with strong and confident prints! All over the world people have come together to achieve so much. One person is little but it takes many one persons to form a strong force. When there was a massive explosion we witnessed how many people came from all over Lebanon to help. These random acts of kindness is what makes us human.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Black lives really matter

When George Floyd was killed by Police in America the Black Lives Matter movement took to the streets to protest because they had had enough. It was heartbreaking watching the video of how Floyd was handled by the police officers. In our Fisa collection we couldn’t help but be influenced by this gross injustice! The one single colour that runs through our collection is black. Black lives matter and black is very beautiful and must be respected.

Photo by Life Matters on Pexels.com

Limited edition pieces

We have a number of pieces in the Christmas collection that are available in limited quantities and will not be reproduced. We strongly recommend buying anything you like immediately you see it on our shop page.

The release date of the Zedi Christmas collection is Monday 14th December, 2020. Also, for this month December we are offering free gift boxes and free delivery as well. Double awesomeness right?! Who is ready?

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