How to buy the perfect gift for your man

Buying presents for loved ones can be very frustrating and time consuming. We all want to give that special guy a gift he will absolutely love. These days the singlet and boxers are not doing the trick at all so it’s time to upgrade! Men love thoughtful gifts and most especially ones that are functional. Tell me what’s more functional that a shirt? Every man wears shirts! Honestly with clothing you can almost never go wrong. Different types of people like different types of clothes though so it’s important to know your man and buy him the perfect outfit. We have really cute suggestions for all types of guys. Let’s dive right in and find the perfect gift for your man.

The reserved and conservative man

If your man is the shy, introvert type then he will like to blend in more than standing out. Dark coloured shirts with a minimalist design will work very nicely. You want to get him a nice shirt with muted colours. Black, navy blue, dark grey and brown are some colours to consider. Pay attention to the design as well and choose the cool types.

The outgoing and extravagant man

You can always tell if your man is the extravagant type from miles away! For your bold and outgoing guy bright bold colours will work wonders. I mean the colours need to be tasteful but certainly not shy. When it comes to design outgoing guys are often comfortable with fun and unique pieces. Pick a wild or funky shirt for your man and watch him attract compliments.

The super social man

Some men are almost always attending one event or the other on the weekends. Social events are never things they can afford to miss. If your man has a wedding, christening, party or dinner to attend every weekend he certainly falls into this category. The good thing is that because he loves to go to all kinds of social gatherings you can never go wrong with the outfit you buy for him. A black shirt will work perfectly for funerals and cocktails. A white shirt for weddings and christenings and honestly any colour goes for parties. A quick tip is to identify the type of events he attends the most and get a shirt most suitable for that.

These are our amazing tips to help you buy the perfect shirt your man will absolutely love! Oh and another thing, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to surprise that special guy. A random gift for your man will score you super points. Trust us, we know! Did you know that Zedi also has gift packaging in stock? You can trust us to put a big smile on his face when you order a shirt from us. We have also partnered with Afrikrea so you can shop for our shirts there! Click here to order!

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