We are going on a break

The world has been hit by a serious pandemic. With hospitals and clinics all over the world filling up to compulsory lockdowns with millions of people staying at home to stop the spread of the corona virus, COVID-19. Lots of businesses have to close for obvious reasons and our business is one of these. But don’t worry we have some interesting news to share with you. It’s not all doom and gloom, thankfully.

Even though Zedi will not be fulfilling orders our website and social media platforms will still be active throughout the lockdown period. You will be able to see what we have and what we are working on in the background. We just might even go live a couple of times! We hope you don’t forget us oh.

When the pandemic dies out and Ghana especially is Covid-19 negative we will celebrate with a massive sale on all our products! We understand that a lot of people may have suffered from loss of income during this period so it’s the least we can do to usher all of us back into our normal lives. This sale will be like no other you have seen and we know paa that you have seen some massive sales from us in the past. 

We are also rolling in a couple of new policies to make shopping with Zedi easier and much more enjoyable. We currently have a lot of time (thank you lockdown) and we are dedicating most of it into customer experience. We are not going to spill the beans at all. We think these are better experienced than heard but if we get too excited and can’t help ourselves we will definitely share.

So from all of us at Zedi we want to encourage you to stay safe and keep praying so we get rid of Covid-19 and get out of this in no time ! Have an amazing day. 

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