Spicy Friday Wear Ideas

When the Friday wear initiative was started many years ago in Ghana, a lot of local designers and clothing makers were excited. For one day in the week, that’s Friday workers all over the country were to wear something made in Ghana to work. A number of people imagined workers walking around in frumpy clothes made with local prints but the fashion forward people showed how exciting this could be. Fast forward to today many workers are looking their best on Fridays. If you are clueless on how to make this work here are some spicy ideas.


A cool print shirt with trousers
For men you can’t go wrong with a nicely tailored print shirt with a pair of plain trousers. To keep it fresh and professional opt for dark or neutral colours. Too many colours can easily make you look like you are going for a beach party. The navy blue Tagri shirt is a good choice for Friday wear. To buy one click here.

African print blazer

Interestingly enough this trend works for both men and women pretty nicely. It’s always awesome to have a blazer or jacket made of African print. Nothing says formal and African like it. To make this outfit flawless stick to solid coloured clothing for everything else besides the blazer like trousers, skirts and inner shirts. With so many types of blazer styles women can rock this trend is filled with endless ideas. A peplum blazer, sleeves blazer are just a few ideas to set the ball rolling for you. Zedi makes blazers on a custom made basis. Click here to order one.


Smock and smock inspired clothes

The smock from Northern Ghana has made its way into fashion in recent times after ex presidents and the current second lady Samira Bawumia presented their versatility to us. A full smock is awesome for Friday wear as all you need to wear with it are trousers. If your office ac is overzealous at least the smock will keep you warm. Talk about functionality. Smock inspired clothes are also very in vogue at the moment like shirts and dresses with a bit of the unique woven fabric. Zedi has a wide range of smock inspired shirts and dresses. Click here to go to our shop.

Friday wear doesn’t have to be boring or frumpy. With these tips you can bring your A game to the office the next time it’s Friday and ‘chop some fans’ 😁 What’s your favorite Friday outfit?

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