Ghana Celebrity Fashion At The 2023 VGMA Event

Fashion has always been an integral part of the entertainment industry, with celebrities setting trends and influencing fashion choices for their fans. From red carpet events to everyday street style, celebrities have the power to shape fashion trends and influence the industry. The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards popularly known as the VGMA is one of the country’s biggest displays of fashion.

When it comes to red carpet events, celebrities often choose designer outfits that make a statement. They choose outfits that are unique, eye-catching, and reflect their personal style. Some celebrities opt for traditional and cultural outfits, while others go for more modern and contemporary designs.

The VGMA event is a major music awards event held annually in Ghana. It also sees celebrities from the music industry showcasing their fashion sense. Ghanaian fashion is known for its vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and traditional elements. Celebrities often incorporate these elements into their outfits, making for a truly unique and diverse fashion scene.

When it comes to celebrity fashion trends, it’s important to note that they are constantly changing. What was popular yesterday may not be popular today, and what is popular today may not be popular tomorrow. This year’s VGMA fashion was a mixture of breathtaking, bizarre and impressive. Over the years we are seeing more celebrities wear clothes from local designers and this really makes us happy. With the rise of social media and influencer culture, celebrities now have a greater impact on fashion trends than ever before. So the push for Ghanaian designers is a push in the right direction. 

Classy look

Some Ghanaian celebrities love to look effortlessly classy and we saw a number of these looks on the red carpet. Our favourite of them all was Black Sheriff’s outfit for the night. It worked perfectly well for his frame and also his personality. The classy look is not as easy as it seems. This look often tries not to go over the top but must also look good enough for such an occasion. Some of the easiest ways to achieve this look is by first choosing muted and few colours. Black is top on that list. Maybe that’s why Black Sheriff wins this one, because it’s in his name. EL looked stunning as well. Interestingly enough he also wore a classic suit.

Avant-garde look

Avant-garde looks for events like the VGMAs are very welcome but they have to be fashionable. It needs to be both bizarre and tasteful, in a weird kind of way. This year’s Music Awards saw a fair number of Avant-garde looks. Our favourite for the night was Abiana and surprisingly Chiief One did a good job with his denim outfit. The honest truth is that avant-garde is not for everyone.

Ghana vibes look

Sometimes It’s hard to tell where the celebrities get their clothes from. For many years artists have been wearing foreign brands but some also make it a point to patronize Ghanaian fashion brands and also make it as obvious as possible. The 2023 VGMAs saw a decent number of local brands being mentioned on the red carpet and even fabric like kente was beautifully represented. Felicia Osei’s stunning kente gown stood out but our favourite was Anita Akuffo’s dress. It was truly flawless.

Fashion trends are an ever-evolving aspect of the entertainment industry. The clothes that celebrities wear at events such as the VGMA can often make headlines and spark conversations. Whether they choose traditional or contemporary designs, celebrities have the power to influence fashion trends and shape the industry. Who was your best dressed celebrity on the VGMA red carpet?

Top Ghanaian celebrities who love local clothes

In Ghana dressing up in clothes and accessories made in the country was made very popular a few decades ago with the introduction of Friday Wear. This was an initiative to get Ghanaians so patronize clothes made locally. As a result, today the made-in-Ghana trend is still on! Therefore, a lot of people like to wear African prints also known as Ankara in various styles from shirts to dresses to bags. Celebrities are certainly not left out in this. In actual fact there are some top Ghanaian celebrities who love wearing local clothes and look phenomenal in them. These are our favourite three.

Okyeame Kwame

Okyeame Kwame can in a way be called an ambassador for everything made in Ghana. He almost always has on something bright and beautiful. And most times he bought it from a local designer or even designed himself! This musician also makes it a point to preach about the benefits of patronizing local products. His fun and funky style is one to be admired and he even gets his whole family to dress up in African clothes. This is one man who is pro colour!

Photo Credit – Ghana News


M.anifest, one of Ghana’s brilliant rappers, loves to wear clothes made in Ghana. His kaftan and beads loving self is always hard to miss in any crowd. Manifest has a unique style and isn’t afraid to express it. He used to be the brand ambassador for Woodin. This is a popular fabric and garment company that produces locally. On the international scene M.anifest always carries Ghanaian fashion in a good light. He has been true to this for a very long time. 

Photo Credit – Efoclusive

Samira Bawumia

It is true that most wives of Presidents and Vice presidents in Ghana usually wear clothes produced locally. That being said very few rock it like Samira Bawumia, the second lady. Samira has been a fashion icon in Ghana even before her husband became vice president of the country. With this new appointment we honestly expected to see her in more foreign suits and blazers. Samira stayed true to her fashion sense and wowed us with her amazing clothes mostly made with smock fabric from Northern Ghana. Check out our article on smock fabric here. We love them! Samira has played a major role in the popularity of smock fabric inspired designs by many fashion designers including ours and we absolutely love her for this! 

Photo Credit – Bra Parucci Africa

Having Ghanaian celebrities wear local clothes is a good sign of the interest Ghana has for local fashion. We really hope more celebs fall in love with Ghanaian designs in the future.